Archangel Gabriel
Angel Sanctuary Character

Eye Color:Azure
Hair Color:Azure

Title(s):Chief of the Cherubim

Archangel of Water

Once the Chief of the Cherubim, Gabriel (Jibril in some translations) was rendered comatose and imprisoned in the Water Garden by Sevothtarte. Her soul was forced to be Alexiel's guardian angel, and was reincarnated into Sara Mudo because Sevothtarte saw her as an obstacle in his path to absolute power. She is the Archangel of Water and is known to humans (as Raphael says) as Gabriel. Sara awakens in her body when a needle in the back of Gabriel's neck is removed and remains in Gabriel's body throughout a trial engineered by Sevothtarte to get rid of both Sara and Gabriel. After Raphael restores Sara to her own body, Gabriel's soulless body is placed in the Water Garden again. Gabriel was one of the few angels to see the Grigori and be aware of their suffering; she cried for their hopeless plight.


  • In the manga, Gabriel is female. But in some beliefs, Gabriel is either male or androgynous.
  • She is close to her angel member Metatron.
  • She is an elemental archangel/angel (water) along with Raphael (wind), Uriel (earth) and Michael (fire).

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