Angel Sanctuary Character
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Race:Angel (formerly)



Family:Astarte (twin sister)
One of the Seven Satans, "Sloth", and formerly a member of Thrones. He has his sister Astarte's soul inside of him, because he is an attempt to create another Adam Kadmon, this drives him slowly insane and makes him cruel. To alleviate this crisis, Lucifer used his power to separate Astaroth and Astarte, such that when Astaroth's soul occupied their body, Astarte's soul dwelled in a white snake; and when Astarte took control of the body, Astaroth's soul entered a black snake. Astaroth is Prince Abaddon's caretaker when Lucifer's soul disappears. Later, when Abaddon fatally injures Astarte, she separated her body from her brother's, thus saving him. Though Astoreth claims not to be grateful for this act, he still wept when Belial tells him to "mourn for his sister".

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