This article contains mentions of rape.

Angel Sanctuary Character

Race:Angel (formerly)
He was a scientist alongside Lailah and Anael. He fell in love with Lailah; and his love for her never wavered, even when she accused him of being one of her rapists. He has his wings cut off, and when Uriel flees to hell, he takes pity on NidHegg and fashions him a body like that of a dragon to ferry him around Hades. He asks Setsuna to find Lailah and give her one of his scales, as well as the message that he forgives her for what she did to him because he always loved her. (The scale later changed into a musical box of sorts, with Lailah's beautiful voice recorded as she sings.) After the journey, NidHegg's wishes are fulfilled (by him appearing before Lailah in ghost form) and Lailah ends up jumping out of a window to fly to him, but her astral powers were limited so she just plunges to her death in happiness.

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