Setsuna Mudo
Angel Sanctuary Character

Eye Color:Golden
Hair Color:Golden


Family:Mrs. Mudo (mother)

Unnamed Father
Sara Mudo (sister/lover)

Friends:Sakuya Kira


Setsuna Mudo (無道 刹那 Mudō Setsuna) is the main character of the series.


Throughout the series, Setsuna Mudo is generally depicted as being tall and rather slim. Due to his English grandfather, it has been stated that both he and his sister Sara have golden brown eyes and brown hair, although in illustrations and the anime both Setsuna and Sara are blonde and have golden eyes. In the beginning of the series, prior to Youji's death, Setsuna wears three hoop-shaped earrings on his left ear that act as a seal to his powers, effectively preventing him accidently killing anyone during a fight.


Like many teenage boys, he is very rebellious and hot-tempered. Having grown up in a broken home and knowing his mother hates him, he became a deliquent and having friends in gangs and drug businesses. He often gets into fights with people who dislike him. When Alexiel takes over his mind, he becomes almost demonic and aggressive against his enemies. However, he has a good heart and cares deeply for his friends. He is willing to risk his life to save them and Sara. In the beginning of the series, he is tormented by the incestuous feelings he has for his sister and has doubts of God's existence. Above all people in his life, he loves his sister, Sara, more than anyone and is willing to do anything to make her happy, even distancing himself from her so she won't get hurt. He easily gets jealous when he sees another man get too close to her, particularly Raphael. As the series progresses, he gains a lot of new friends throughout his journeys in Hell and Heaven in search of Sara's soul and reuniting with her.


Setsuna is 16 when he is first introduced. Right away, it shows him as a troubled and rebellious teenager with a hot temper and aggressive streak when he gets into fights. He knows that he is someehow different than everyone else due to his demonic feelings against the people who hate him and his fear of blood. He is best friends with Sakuya, who gives him adivce and defends him against his enemies. Setsuna's younger sister, Sara, lives apart from him because of their parents' divorce and he secretly sees her once a month (she calls them dates). It is apparent that the two siblings are in love with each other, but hide their feelings due to their love being a taboo and will bring shame and guilt to them. He begins to avoid her due to the fact that their mother hates him for being "different". However, when she is kidnapped by the same guys who beat him up, he releases part of his angel powers and saves her. While watching her sleep, he kisses her and their mother comes upon them. Sara admitts that she loves her brother, but to protect her, he says he was just toying with her. However, when he finds out that she is being moved to England to be married off, he rushes to confess that he loves her and asks her to run away with him. She does so and they flee Tokyo. They have a date and have sexual intercourse, with them knowing they sealed their fate as sinners for good. They eventually decide to go back to Tokyo to help out Sakuya for taking the blame for a murder Setsuna (with Alexiel controlling his mind) was responsible for. However, upon returning, Sara is killed and Setsuna, full of rage and sorrow, fully releases Alexiel's powers in him, causing him to destroy everything surrounding him. After the other angels explain that he is the reincarnation of the great angel Alexiel, he decides to go to Hell to retrieve Sara's soul and revive her.

He goes to Hell and begins his search for Saras soul with hopes of reviving her and reuniting with her. He gains a lot of allies, as well as a lot of enemies. His angel powers increase by the number of wings he grows, even surpassing Alexiel at the end of the series. He comes close to a number of times on finding Sara, but he is unsuccessful. he becomes near deperate when he finds out that Sara (in the form of Jiberal) has gone on trial for committing incest with him. They are both visibly shocked when Rapheal presents a fetus as proof of their incest, claiming it was their child, but this turns out to be a lie. when he finally finds Sara near the end of the series, she is brainswashed and doesn't believe Setsuna to be himself, saying he is a monster. He goes to free her and succeeds. They embrace and he aksed her if she thought he would ever leave her. Afterwards, they return to earth. Setsuna no longer had his angel powers and is content that he will be able to live with Sara, even though he knows no one will support them, but they are happy with just being together. In the last scene of the series, he pulls her into his arms for an embrace with the face of content and relief.

Voice ActorsEdit

  • Japanese: Kenji Nojima
  • English: Scott Cargle
  • French: Cyrille Artaux
  • Spanish: Toni Mora (Spain dub)
  • Italian: Stefano Crescentini
  • German: Sebastian Schulz (Adult)
  • German: Ricardo Richter (Child)

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Though dormant inside him, Alexiel retains many of her high astral powers:

  • Enhanced or Supernatural Condition
    • Enhanced Combat
    • Enhanced Durability: Setsuna is almost impervious to injury. 
    • Enhanced Strength
  • Weapon Manifestation
  • Wing Manifestation

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